Virtual Open Day 2016

“Videos and documents from the Virtual Open day run on 5th May 2016"

The video recordings from the conference

We include videos presentations from students, staff, and also recordings of the question and answer sessions on the day.





Video 1. 'Experience of the first year' - Debbie Mcclure:





Video 2. 'Leading from the edge' - Stephanie Venting





Video 3. 'Legislation and policy'- Karen Machin




Video 4. 'The Research Module'- Donna Klingspon






Video 5. (staff) 'Learning from success in mental health recovery' - Prof. Shula Ramon




Video 6. (staff) 'Co-production approaches to issues for service users, carers, staff and agencies in mental health work' - Prof. Brian Littlechild




Video 7. (staff) Question and answer session.





Student's Example Assignments


Sarah Williams: Dissertation

Sarah Venting: Leadership

Donna Klingspon:  Research Proposal