Student Experience


The programme has had some extremely valuable feedback from students on the programme. Please see the quotes below, for which students have agreed to be used for this purpose.


In terms of one of our aims, of increasing the place of recovery and its meaning in leadership at different levels of policy and practice, it is very gratifying that a number of students who are experts by experience and staff in mental health agencies volunteered to share the positive effects on themselves and their contribution to mental health services, as set out below, and in the videos presented by several of our students Ingrid Ozols, Jane Foy and  Karen Machin at the conference in Lisbon in February (see their videos on the conference website) and the fact that one of our students was recognised for the work he does as a volunteer in secure mental health care. Ian Callaghan was announced as one of the winners of the UK Deputy Prime Minister’s Mental Health Hero Awards in 2014. In addition, Ingrid Ozols came all the way from Australia to take part in a TEDx event at the University representing Post Graduate students at the University.

Quotes from students on the course


"I have found the international MSC Recovery programme profoundly positive on a personal and professional level and feel priveleged to have been accepted in this pilot. Everyone has been helpful, understanding and responsive very quickly. It is a heavy workload, more so than expected but the flexibility re some areas that concern is and has been well received. For example if an extension has been required due to unforeseen circumstances that has been quickly expediated. With online activities - which is probably the most time consuming allowing opportunities to not feel over pressured to respond to absolutely everything has helped with stress levels especially as the reading and understanding concepts - though not really complex does take a great deal of time.  I wish to congratulate all the people involved in this pilot program and will be singing it's accolades my end of the world. In fact where I can I hope I can introduce potential collaborators into this world leading program that should be everywhere!  Thank you."


‘Love this programme... will be sad to finish. Staff are awesome, programme so very rewarding!’


"The connectedness through the unit has enabled wonderful connections & interactions. The relationships that have developed online & via Skype has been priceless. Sharing learnings & experience enriches one's learning."


"I am a community mental health nurse and have been a nurse since 2001. Recovery is a subject that has been often discussed in practice during my years as a nurse but has never really or fully been implemented in practice. Since embarking on this online recovery course I must say I have learnt a lot on recovery .The course has also enlightened me on how our practices as professionals can facilitate or hinder recovery. I am enjoying the course and am learning a lot module by module. I would recommend that every practitioner be given the opportunity or even make it compulsory to do the initial module in recovery to enhance practitioners’ understanding of truly recovery orientated practice. I was initially sceptical about doing an online course but the staff are supportive and I particularly like the flexibility it provides. I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to enhance their knowledge on recovery and make a difference to our clients’ lives."


"People who are employed within the NHS are familiar with online learning, but accredited opportunities are rarely extended to people who use those services. This course is unique in being online and also inclusive of all, as well as being open to international students. This mix of people adds to the discussions, bringing a wider perspective to the topics of recovery and social inclusion in practice.


Distance learning has made it possible for me to study alongside all my home and work commitments.  And it has been a privilege to learn with such a wide range of people from across the world, all with an interest in recovery and social inclusion."


“I work as a psychiatrist in  the United Kingdom. I wanted my patients to have Recovery and be able to have a voyage of self-discovery and personal growth. I wanted to increase my knowledge and help my patients cross bridges of stigma and recovery. For being able to help my patients I choose the MSc in Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion Programme. I have been using the medical model and after attending the modules my knowledge have increased in different models of recovery and I am able to see the benefits within my practice. I am able to support my patients and provide a holistic view of mental illness that focuses on the person, not just their symptoms.

MSC in Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion Programme has been an excellent experience as I am used to reading from books and self learning. The programme gave me an experience of meeting different students all over the world and also of having a discussion about various topics within the programme. I have learned a lot and still continue to do so at my MSC in Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion Programme at Hertfordshire."